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Subject: Your Income Machine


** Sending just one well-written email can do wonders for your business — But only if it’s done perfectly.
And even when it’s EXTREMELY well-written (with perfect grammar, spelling, and properly structured HYPNOTIC language)...

** One email can only do so much.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to make loads more money from each lead:
1) Send a series of emails that:
  - ENGAGES them
  - Encourages them to REPLY (auto-whitelist)
  - Reinforces your BRAND
  - WARMS THEM UP to your selling style
  - TRAINS them to >>WANT TO CLICK<<
  - Inspires DESIRE for your product
  - Effectively presents product BENEFITS so it’s a “no brainer” to CLICK and PURCHASE, now that they’ve formed a Deep Relationship With Your Brand.

A little-known formula accomplishes all this and more.

I’m a professional copywriter and I currently have room for a few entry-level clients who need High Quality EMAIL MARKETING at a huge discount.

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