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Professional Voice Over Artist For Narration Or Videos – Fiverr

I will record an American Male Voice Over I am a Professional Voice Over Actor and I would love to record whatever you need me to, up to 300 words, starting at $5!   You can listen to my demos below: YouTube Video Voice Over Whiteboard Video Explainer Video Voice Narration Read Script Read Articles Audio Book Video Voiceover Match Audio To Video Voicemail Greeting Power Point Presentations Business Training tutorials Meditation Hypnosis Audio Dramatic Reading Book Narration Online Projects Video Narration Phone greetings On Hold Message Radio Commercials Internet Programs Projects Audio Book IVR Voicemail recording Internet Product Launch […]

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Fiverr – I will teach you how to Get Free Traffic for your online business

Do you need FREE WEBSITE TRAFFIC but aren’t sure where to begin? This training will get you off to an amazing start. Fiverr Training Get Traffic For just $5 you get access to 7 Original Training Videos (Over 3 hours total), walking you through the exact steps needed to: – Correctly set up attractive accounts on the most popular social media platforms – Quickly build your network of followers without spending a dime – Employ the single most important key to entice people to follow you – Avoid the most common trap that ensnares 90+% of businesses on social media […]


How To Get Your First Followers On Twitter

If you’ve just signed up to Twitter — whether for purely social reasons, or to use Twitter to bring traffic to your business, you may be a bit mystified how you go about getting followers. I found this great infographic on how to get your first batch of followers on Twitter. While the first section on “guest blogging” may not be applicable to most of you who aren’t already professional bloggers, the rest of the list is spot on — particularly the list of tricks used by Ann Tran. Particularly this line: Be An INFORMER rather than a “Me-former” That […]

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Learn How To Set Up Your Sales Funnel

  ** Need Help Learning To Setup Up Your Sales / Lead Funnel? Watch the video below to learn the essential components you’ll need to assemble to set up a successful sales funnel, the right way. It’s true — there are tons of expensive systems that promise to make setting up funnels quick and easy. Unfortunately, they’re 1) expensive and 2) redundant. You don’t need fancy systems when you’re starting out. You just need the basic systems common to all websites — a domain and web hosting — plus an autoresponder service. Watch the video to learn how it all fits together. […]

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Learn How To Get Unlimited SEO Backlinks – Fiverr Exclusive

Time Limited Offer – First 20 Customers Only! Click Here To Order On Fiverr ** Wanna know the secrets to QUICKLY RANK YOUR WEBSITE on Google to get Free Traffic? Well I’ve just created a course to show you how to do exactly that. You might be aware that an important part of getting ranked in Google is Getting Backlinks. But maybe you’re confused about exactly how to go about doing that. When you order this gig, I will show you exactly how to get Unlimited Free SEO Backlinks … Which you could use to Rank Your Own Websites – […]

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Best 3D Book Cover Service On Fiverr

If you’re doing any kind of Online Marketing, you need 3D Book Covers and Product Mockups to give buyers an idea what they’re buying. You need them for Sales Pages Squeeze Pages Ecommerce Download Pages Inside Your Digital Products etc Occasionally (or even often) you’ll have a need to resell some done-for-you MRR or PLR products… but if you’ve worked with PLR much, you know the graphics on those are often cheaply done and outdated, with boxy templates and cheesy uninteresting designs. So refresh your PLR with a Hot New Look! Chuck that old worn-out design that no one will ever believe […]

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I Will Help You Set Up Your Sales Funnel Right!

I know it can be a complicated headache to set up your Lead Generation Funnel! But once you’ve got set up perfectly, you can just sit back and watch the leads roll in! I will help you set up your Sales Funnel right: – Squeeze Page – Autoresponder / Optin Form – Free Gift / Lead Magnet – Download Links For the main $5 Fiverr gig I will log into up to 3 accounts to set up your Sales Funnel, ex. Aweber + Hostgator + WordPress — (Perfect if you already have a PLR/MRR you need to set up) Gig Extra […]

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Professional email writer giving away $97 service for just $5!

Subject: Your Income Machine Fact: ** Sending just one well-written email can do wonders for your business — But only if it’s done perfectly. And even when it’s EXTREMELY well-written (with perfect grammar, spelling, and properly structured HYPNOTIC language)… ** One email can only do so much. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make loads more money from each lead: 1) Send a series of emails that:   – ENGAGES them   – Encourages them to REPLY (auto-whitelist)   – BUILDS TRUST   – Reinforces your BRAND   – WARMS THEM UP to your selling style   – TRAINS […]

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Email Marketing On Fiverr – Professional Autoresponder Emails

Obviously, it would be AMAZING to be able to just push a “magic button” and get thousands of dollars showing up in your  account within the next few hours, right?   Well… that “magic button” exists in plain sight, right in your own email account! Millions (maybe billions?) are made each day as the result of a very simple gesture that anyone can do — == Simply sending ONE bleepin’ email to your mailing list. == It’s so simple that you’ve probably done it *accidentally* (Whoops – Hopefully it wasn’t too embarrassing!) There’s a saying in Internet Marketing: “The money is in the list” […]

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I’ve Started Micro-Freelancing On Fiverr For Extra Travel Money

You know about Fiverr, right? The place where you can purchase (or sell) small services for $5? I’ve purchased many little jobs there over the past few years — mostly website SEO and social media — but I hadn’t really ventured much into the selling aspect, other than one gig I tried a few years ago. Two things puzzled me about Fiverr. How can you make much money selling things for just $5? It seems like you would have to sell a ton of little jobs — which would only suit someone who enjoys tedious piece-meal work. Fiverr briefly crossed […]