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Email Marketing On Fiverr – Professional Autoresponder Emails

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Obviously, it would be AMAZING to be able to just push a “magic button” and get thousands of dollars showing up in your  account within the next few hours, right?


Well... that “magic button” exists in plain sight, right in your own email account!

Millions (maybe billions?) are made each day as the result of a very simple gesture that anyone can do —

== Simply sending ONE bleepin’ email to your mailing list. ==

It’s so simple that you’ve probably done it *accidentally* (Whoops - Hopefully it wasn’t too embarrassing!)

There’s a saying in Internet Marketing:

“The money is in the list”

That’s a simple way of saying that your success in Internet Marketing is going to correspond closely with the size and quality of YOUR LIST.

Your goal in Internet Marketing should be precisely this:

=> To build a list of eager buying customers to whom you can simply send an email with your latest offer and immediately see your account explode with activity.

And better yet…

=> To do it AUTOMATICALLY, on autopilot!

What’s the secret?

You need an Autoresponder.

You need to sign up to a service that allows you to not only send solitary emails, but:

1) Collect subscribers automatically

2) Schedule a series of emails in advance

3) Track your emails so you can see which emails
and headlines get the best response

In fact, it’s really not a “secret” at all.

Autoresponders are THE #1 TOOL of every successful Internet Marketer. Done right…

A) You can use an autoresponder to form a relationship with your audience and “warm them up” with information and rapport, so that they feel like they know you and will be much more excited to click and buy from your links.

B) You can use one to direct traffic anywhere on the Web you like. If you find a news article about your favorite charity / cause you want everyone to read, you can use your new “power” to get them loads of attention. If you’ve just written a new book, you can use your new power to quickly get it on the Amazon Best Seller list.

C) Send a new offer to your list literally every few days. If you average, say, $1000 in sales every time you send an email, you can send a new offer every 3 days to make $10000 per month. And if you happen to have ten separate mailing lists performing just as well… you can see how easy it is to ramp up to $100K per month just by continually  duplicating what you already did in another niche, right?

So I’ll leave you with this thought:

If Autoresponders are like having a “superpower”…

** Please comment and tell me…

What would you do with YOUR power?

Till next time…

Mobile Rik