How To Get Your First Followers On Twitter

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If you've just signed up to Twitter -- whether for purely social reasons, or to use Twitter to bring traffic to your business, you may be a bit mystified how you go about getting followers.

I found this great infographic on how to get your first batch of followers on Twitter.

While the first section on "guest blogging" may not be applicable to most of you who aren't already professional bloggers, the rest of the list is spot on -- particularly the list of tricks used by Ann Tran. Particularly this line:

Be An INFORMER rather than a "Me-former"

That is... Share great information from a variety of sources, rather than just promote your own stuff about "Me". Not only will you appear more trustworthy and likable, you also get way more flexibility to post the "best of the best", rather than get locked into what seems appropriate for your "brand". Just post great information, whatever the source may be.


How to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout