how to set up sales funnel

Learn How To Set Up Your Sales Funnel

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** Need Help Learning To Setup Up Your Sales / Lead Funnel?

Watch the video below to learn the essential components you'll need to assemble to set up a successful sales funnel, the right way.

It's true -- there are tons of expensive systems that promise to make setting up funnels quick and easy. Unfortunately, they're 1) expensive and 2) redundant.

You don't need fancy systems when you're starting out. You just need the basic systems common to all websites -- a domain and web hosting -- plus an autoresponder service.

Watch the video to learn how it all fits together.


Do you need a SALES / LEAD FUNNEL but aren’t sure where to start?

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- Correctly sign up for Web Hosting (includes coupon - get your first month for 1 cent!)
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- Choose the right Autoresponser (mailing list) service
- Load your Autoresponder Emails
- How to upload your entire Lead Funnel to your website in 1 minute
- How to edit the “Thank You / Download Page” (download page)
- How to add a Sidebar Banner Ad to your blog
- Verify that every piece of your funnel is working correctly
- Great looking Sample Funnel for you to edit
- Great looking Banner Ad Template
- Video: How to create Professional Email Address on your new domain
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